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Bushnell Forge 4.5-27x50mm Deploy MOA FFP Riflescope Terrain

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The Bushnell Forge 4.5-27x50mm Deploy MOA FFP Riflescope Terrain has the premium features and optical brawn the recreational and competitive shooter needs to win, or the hunter to fill the freezer. Therefore, hunters and precision shooters alike can find a Bushnell Forge 4.5-27x50mm Deploy MOA FFP Riflescope Terrain to fit their needs. All configurations are built to withstand every environment.

Above all, the fully-multi coated optics deliver bright, high-contrast images with minimal eyestrain. Whatever the scenario, Forge riflescopes have a solution. In other words, this is the highest magnification riflescope in the Forge line with a massive range of 4.5-27x. We offer it with the option of a first or second focal plane, and reticle options with crosshair or holdover style reticles.

Bushnell Forge 4.5-27x50mm RifleScope Aspects

Firstly, all exterior lens surfaces have our new EXO Barrier™ coating. EXO Barrier, quite simply, is the best protective lens coating technology Bushnell has ever developed. Certainly, added at the end of the coating process, EXO Barrier molecularly bonds to the lens and fills the microscopic pores in the glass. Therefore, the result is an ultra-slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dust and
debris – rain, snow, fingerprints and dirt will not stick. EXO Barrier is built to last: the bonded coating will not fade with the passage of time or normal wear and tear.

Secondly, Forge features our turret-halting Revlimiter zero stop which takes only seconds to set, and guarantees you’ll always get back to your zero fast. Next, we put our Throw Hammer power change lever on the magnification ring so you can power up-and-down with speed and precision. Turrets are tactile and fast, simply lift up to unlock, push down to lock. The side focus parallax goes down to 25 yards. The glass has astounding brightness, resolution and contrast thanks to our HDOS fully multicoated optics, and of course our exclusive EXO Barrier. In conclusion, rainy weather’s not a problem for Forge as it’s IPX7 waterproof. Finally, we’ve got you covered with our full, transferable lifetime Ironclad Warranty.

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Bushnell Forge 4.5-27x50mm RifleScope Features

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  • This FORGE riflescope delivers the best resolution and contrast possible through the use of low dispersion glass and Fully Multi-Coated lenses.
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  • Delivers 94% light transmission thanks to Ultra Wide Band Coatings which enable bright and true color in every lighting condition.
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  • Bushnell’s EXCLUSIVE EXO Barrier technology is featured on this scope to repel water and dust, so you will never miss what your glassing.
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  • Large, exposed & locking turrets for fast & accurate dialing.
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  • Focus quickly and accurately down to 25 yards.
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All Forge riflescope models feature:


  • The best resolution and contrast in all lighting conditions


  • Ultra Wide Band Coating enables optimum brightness and true color in every lighting condition


  • Easily correct parallax error without removing eyes from the target


  • Exposed, locking zero stop turrets and multiple ballistic options offer the ability to make quick adjustments as needed


  • Included Butler Creek® Flip-Up Scope Covers protect lenses from dust, debris


  • Included 2.5-inch sunshade aids in target acquisition on bright days

Owner’s Guide (PDF)

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