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Please take note that our indicated stock levels are not updated real-time and even if a product or quantity shows as available or in stock on our website, it may have already been sold in our retail store or is a special order item. We urge you to still place your order so we can capture your details but kindly allow us to confirm stock availability before making any payments.

Should we not have a product available then a replacement will be sourced for you, or an alternative offered. We DO NOT REFUND payments if stock has not been confirmed prior to making payment, in this instance you will need to select another product to match the value the product/s, or more. See refunds and exchanges for more information.

Once full payment has cleared and reflects in our bank account, we will dispatch RAM Couriers to collect your order and deliver it directly to your front door. Depending on your preference, we can overnight your order or we can offer you our standard option which takes 4-10 working days, depending on your location and public holidays. Once your waybill has been processed and your order has been collected, we will forward you a tracking number so you can track the progress of your parcel on

Shipping costs depend on the amount of items purchased, the total weight and size of the final package. We will wrap your precious items with great care and ensure that we arrange the best shipping price available. Please take note that we do not include any insurance, import taxes or local customs duties on any International orders, import tariffs should be confirmed with your local customs agencies and is solely the responsibility of the customer.

In order for us to provide you with the largest selection of products possible, our full range of products include many items that are stocked in store and many more “Special Order” non-stock items that need to backordered ordered or specially fulfilled by our suppliers. Please take note that we DO NOT ALLOW REFUNDS on Special Order items and full payment is required to secure your products with the suppliers, local or international.

We cannot be held liable if payment has been made for an order, without prior stock confirmation. We endevour to ensure our stock levels indicate what is currently available in our online store, but cannot guarantee this as the product may have already been sold in our retail store. In this instance, you will need to select other products in stock, to the same value or more.

Please take note that any authorized refunds need to be confirmed and processed by our accounts department, this is a lengthy process and can take some time, we kindly ask for your patience in the matter and prefer not to specify a time-frame, but rather guarantee you will receive your money back in due course.

A 15% cancellation & handling fee will be deducted on any Payment Plans or Special Orders whereby the client insists on a refund.

When buying goods online, you should always check whether you may be charged customs duties and taxes for shipping to your country. Duties and taxes are not included in the price of goods you purchase online at Habitat Africa, and are not included in the overall shipping costs you pay. You, the customer are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate and non payment can delay your order at your borders.

What is payable, if anything, depends on where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their transactional value and the weight of the package, this is determined by the local government and customs agents and there is no way for us to pre-determine this tariff.

Currently we offer the Habitat Africa Payment Plan that can be used to purchase firearms, rifles and sport optics. For more information, please visit the Payment Plans page. Please note that we do not offer the Payment Plan on any Specials or Special Order items. A minimum payment of 25% or 50% may be required to secure your item, with the balance split over 3 months.

We will courier you all the necessary SAPS documentation pertaining to your firearm license application.

No firearms can be sold in South Africa without the proper firearm license and documentation. We will only ship your purchase once all necessary paperwork has been completed and verified.

We offer a range of firearms currently in store which are marked with our Actual Rifle icon. We photograph and document the actual weapon so what you see is what you get. Should that weapon NOT be available then we will notify you and can either place an order for your purchase or refund your money. Please take note that we are only licensed to sell firearms in South Africa and cannot facilitate International orders on any weapons or ammunition.

We endeavor to provide our clients with as much information about the products listed in our stores. We will gladly assist further where we can.

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